Precision Biologics has the advantage of proprietary antibodies that target tumors with precision. The company is among the leaders in biotherapeutics, which is opening the door to powerful new treatments. Currently, Precision Biologics is developing its first product for pancreatic and colorectal cancer—Ensituximab (also known as NPC-1C).

Other therapeutic candidates in development include h16C3 (NEO-201) and 31.1C (NEO-301), both of which also target pancreatic and colorectal cancers. In addition, pre-clinical tests indicate that h16C3 recognizes epitopes from adenocarcinoma of the lung and other solid tumor types.

“Our monoclonal antibodies have the ability to act as a companion diagnostic platform to our therapeutic program by recognizing the tumor specific antigen that our therapeutic antibody targets and determine which patients are a candidate to receive treatment.”

Philip M Arlen, MD

Chief Executive Officer