Al Tsang

Dr. Al Tsang

Chief Scientific Officer

Kwong Y. (Al) Tsang PhD, Chief Scientific Officer:
Dr. Tsang has authored 191 peer-reviewed manuscripts, invited papers and reviews. He is the senior author (first or last) on 89 peer-reviewed manuscripts accepted in high-quality scientific journals, and he has 7 invited reviews, highlights and book chapters.
He is on the Editorial Board of six scientific journals and he is the editor of two special issues in two different scientific journals. He is the Senior Editor of a scientific journal Immunotherapy of Future Medicine.

Dr. Tsang has made important contributions to translational research.
He has developed and evaluated several types of immunoassays to analyze pre- and post-vaccination T-cell responses to a given TAA. He has developed markers for phenotypic analysis of functional Tregs in prostate cancer patients. He is also developing multimers for the analysis of antigen specific T cells to different tumor-associated antigen epitopes. He was invited to contribute to a chapter in “Insights on Peptide Vaccines in Cancer Immunotherapy” For New Developments in T cell-based anticancer Immunotherapies (Springer) (2015).

Dr. Tsang is an inventor on 16 patents and patent applications.

Dr. Tsang has received NCI, NIH Performance Awards in 2012-2016; Federal Technology Transfer Awards for works in cancer vaccines and T cell epitopes, 2012-2016; NCI, NIH Group Merit Award for “Development of a prostate cancer vaccine programmatic effort” in 2012; Certificate of appreciation in grateful recognition of outstanding contributions to research innovation, NCI, NIH in FYS 2012, 2013, 2014.